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What started as a memento of serving together in a WWI Army flying squadron, the “Challenge Coin” quickly became mandatory after it was used to prove a pilot’s identity after being shot down behind enemy lines. The coin he carried saved him from incarceration or, worse, certain death! After recognizing the emblem, his captors were able to verify his identity. Once he was safely back at his squadron, it became a tradition always to carry your coin. The pilots often “challenged” each other to produce their coins. If they couldn’t, they had to buy a drink for the challenger. If they could, the challenger bought the round. Over 100 years later, Challenge Coins are used by all branches of the Federal Government, Military, Police, Fire, Fraternal Organizations, and Corporations worldwide. They are used as rewards, awards, corporate identifiers, and a morale-building tools for those heroes who risk their lives protecting others.

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